Prishti Programmes

Play Group 2-3 years
Nursery 3-4 years
Junior Kindergarten 4-5 years
Senior Kindergarten 5-6 years
Day Care 1 year upwards
After School Care
A Place To Play And Grow, Explore And Learn, Love and Belong.

Dear Parents, prospective parents and all visitors,
A warm welcome to you all!

‘Prishti’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Light Rays’. Our Logo is the sun, which, is our institution and the Prishtis are our tiny tots. As our moto being “Rise and Shine” we want every Prishtis to utilize our facilities and be the brightest stars who will step into the world to face life’s challenges with high self esteem.

We believe in parents taking an active role in their child’s early learning programme; so keep in touch with your child’s day to day progress as you go through their work and involve yourself in our ‘prereading’ guidance programme. You can bring back your joy of learning by involving in your kid’s enthusiasm in learning new facts and concepts. Be positive in your comments and encourage their exploration, curiosity and discovery in their journey of education. Looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding year at Prishti!

Yours sincerely,
Shirly Maxson